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Paul David Tripp on ‘Sex, Pleasure, Paradise, & Pastoral Ministry

Sex, Pleasure, Paradise, & Pastoral Ministry

Today we are joined by Dave’s long time friend and the first person to ever join us on the AIC Podcast–Paul David Tripp. Paul is a well-known author, speaker, and pastor-counselor. His has written many books including Dangerous CallingNew Morning Mercies, and his newly released, Sex in a Broken World: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts (Crossway).

Paul begins by giving us an update on his health and telling us how God has confronted him with his confusion between his faith in Christ and his confidence in his own strength.

Dave and Paul quickly dive into the primary topic of the podcast–Sex. They discuss the need to understand sexual pleasure with an eternal mindset, how to pastor in light of the sex driven culture, and how we cannot live with “paradise mentality’’ in the pleasures we experience in this temporal world. From there, they wrap up the show by speaking on current trends within the church and complementarianism.

To download the excerpt from Paul’s new book: Click Here

To enter for a chance to win a physical copy: Click Here

Disclaimer for Parents: While today’s episode does not contain anything graphic in nature, it does deal with the difficult topic of sex. Please use discernment when deciding to listen around young ears.

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