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Bob Lepine of Family Life Radio

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“The Relevance of Radio, the Story of Family Life, and How To Do An Effective Interview”

Dave is joined by well-known radio hosts, Bob Lepine. Bob is the co-host alongside Dennis Rainey for Family Life Radio. He is also the church planter of Redeemer Community Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In this packed episode, Bob tells of his journey towards his job at Family Life Radio and how their vision is to provide Marriage and Family application that is profoundly practical, personal, and derived directly from Scripture.

Afterwards, the remainder of the episode is spent discussing what makes an excellent interviewer and how audience participation is not only key to being an effective interviewer, but is also key in developing worship services that cause the congregation to be participants rather than consumers.

For more on Family Life and the upcoming parenting move, Like Arrows, visit Family Life’s website: Click Here.

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