Coaching & Consulting

Do you need specialized training or coaching on being a lead pastor, cultivating a healthy eldership, church planting network mechanics, leadership development, how to identify and train pastors and planters, dealing with prodigals, marriage ministry/complexity, or any of the other topics where Dave has written books?  Do you want to learn how to apply the gospel more skillfully in any of these areas? After 40+ years of marriage and close to four decades in ministry, Dave has helped many leaders and Christians by thinking carefully about how to convert his experience, insight, and content -even his mistakes – into coaching and consulting. This typically occurs via Zoom calls, but arrangements can also be made for face-to-face meetings and training.

Important note: Money or fees for coaching are collected to fund the writing and content development at Dave receives no income from coaching or consulting save where he may be asked to develop or refine content to teach.

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