J.D. Greear on Church Collaboration

Why is this year’s Sojourn Network Leadership Summit (starting October 23rd in Louisville!) about churches collaborating with one another?  

In this episode, Dave is joined by J.D. Greear. J.D. is the lead pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh, North Carolina as well as a faculty member at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a former missionary to Southeast Asia.

Dave and J.D. discuss the nature of church partnerships and how they are important to the survival of both the local church and international mission efforts; the differences between planting a church and starting a multi-site campus; and then the reasoning for J.D.’s removal from the vote for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This episode wraps up with the wonderful reminder that the greatest days of evangelism are ahead of us–not behind us!

For more information on the Sojourn Leadership Summit, please visit the Conference page HERE.

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