Tenacious Tuesday

Dear Friends, 

I’m excited to share that I am launching a new weekly devotional series called “Tenacious Tuesdays.” This series will include weekly devotionals based on my book, Rescuing Ambition. 

Since writing Rescuing Ambition, I’ve been thinking about how this material might work in a devotional format. But the time never seemed right, that is, until the extraordinary events began in 2020. One unnamed casualty of this extraordinary era is godly ambition—the gospel hopes that inspire motivation, creativity, and dreaming about how our gifts can glorify God and make a difference. Creeping in to replace it is cynicism, ambivalence, apathy, dreamlessness, and a shrinking creative impulse. More and more people feel like “what’s the point?” I know because I have felt it too. 

Tracking these developments has made me want to reconfigure the content of Rescuing Ambition; to use it to reflect more deeply on how to see these seismic shifts as kingdom opportunities. So I’m using this material to write a devotional that every GCC pastor will receive on Monday morning. You don’t need to pastor long before you recognize that Monday mornings often begin under a cloud of meaningless ambivalence. I want to encourage church leaders to look forward with hopeful anticipation.

The devotionals will then be adapted for a broader audience and published every Tuesday below. I’m hoping my new devotionals will help kickstart dreams for how to seize this moment to use our gifts and roles for God’s glory. Each month I’m intending to publish 3 devotionals, followed by an article on the 4th Tuesday. I’m praying they will inspire us to be more durable in our dreams. That’s why the Tuesday devotional series will be called Tenacious Tuesday.

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Looking forward to this journey together!


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