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Resources on Grieving


Some of you know we lost our youngest daughter last Fall. On most days, quite uninvited, grief stops in for a visit. I finally understand why back in the day, people wore black, or at least black armbands, long after their loved one was gone. It was a way to signal to the world that you are not yourself, that your moods fall under the spell of a shadow. It was a way to telegraph that pangs of loss preoccupy you; that longings linger on for one whose presence is lost, but the memories of their life run wild within you.   

Grief is unavoidable. We will all slog through the valley. Most of us will be in a position to help others process their pain.

The other day someone asked me for resources to help comfort those grieving, and the leaders called to serve them. It was a timely request. I thought over the books that roped me to the mast of this season, keeping my eyes fixed on the Savior, our “man of sorrows, acquainted with grief” (Is 53: 3). Other material came to mind, stuff I knew had served pastors and leaders in caring well for grieving saints. I was reminded that the right book becomes a close companion when grief comes.

If that’s you or someone you know, I hope these companions will serve your soul – or the soul of one you love – this season.

For the leader serving those who grieve: 

For those who grieve:

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